Interdependence and Our Care Team

This Sunday’s Service is not to be missed!  The newly-formed “Care Team” will make its formal debut as we introduce this month’s Touchstone theme of “interdependence.”  This group of volunteers has been working cooperatively for a couple of months now putting together a format to allow each and every one of us to minister to one another in love, kindness and calm, quiet care.  We all need a helping hand sometimes and we never know when that might be. You will have the opportunity to hear each member share examples of how our community might be served by each of our special gifts and talents. You can take a moment to reflect on your own abilities to assist others and commit to sharing yourself with our congregation, if only in very small ways like a ride or a meal or chat on the phone.

Our thanks to Jim Wright whose inspiration has gathered this diverse group together to meet our needs.  Other members are: Kay Anderson, Barbara and Tom Palmer, Renée Richter, Steve and Elise Atlas, Jeanne Gossman, Liz Stewart, Joe Rowe, Susan and Tim Christy.

Please join us in person on Sunday and offer your support to the team and your fellow congregants.  See you then!!” Liz Stewart serves as worship associate, and James Chase provides our story for all ages. Our Chalice Choir sings under the direction of Tané DeKrey.