Our work on Democracy is in tandem with the national effort UUtheVote, and includes working for voting rights, voter information, and voter registration, plus other local issues.

But we must think globally and act locally.

We should focus on state and local actions and issues. The State Legislature wants more control over County and City government structure. We should consider keeping an eye on regular meetings of the County Commission, the City Commission and the School Board.

Two other issues deserve our attention. We should keep an eye on the State Senate Reapportionment of our district. and keep up with what is going on with free speech at the University of Florida.

The most helpful action we as UUs can take is to become involved in elections in 2022. Help register voters. Sign up to be a poll worker.

For more information contact Nancy Parkinson at njp116@gmail.com.

Liaisons with Community

Human Rights CommissionAaron Broadwell at g.broadwell@gmail.com.

United Nations AssociationLisa Renner at ejrenner@hotmail.com.

Friends of Susan B. AnthonyNancy Parkinson at njp116@gmail.com.

Florida Free Speech ForumTom Bullock at tbullock3@cox.net