Trusting in Our Covenant, Knowing Covenants Can and Must Change – March 12

Continuing our pledge drive, Sunday’s topics include the importance of music, religious education, worship and fellowship to our congregation. Now that we are emerging from Covid times, how can and will we reinvent ourselves? How will we adjust and change given new times, new technologies, new opportunities and new faces among us?

This week, YOU are in the pulpit metaphorically, as the assembled congregants and those online at home will have input into the words of wisdom shared for the day. We are in the process of making our pledge, or covenant, to our Fellowship. Where do you want your influence felt? How do you want your pledge money spent? Begin to give input now to reframe and reshape how UUFG will look in the future!

Liz Stewart facilitates service while Jeff Stevens serves as worship associate. James Chase provides our story for all ages, and our Chalice Choir sings under the direction of Derek Nirenberg. Please remember to bring a mask.