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Newcomer Orientation – October 9

Newcomer orientation, an information session for people new to our congregation, resumes after the October 9 service, following a summer hiatus. Curious but not sure this denomination is for you? Definitely interested in membership? This orientation session is for all of you. For more information … read more.

Ride the Wave – September 11

Let’s join together on September 11 to experience an exciting Sunday of ingathering and Fellowship!

10:00 am Open House to Classrooms — Find Out About Religious Education for All Ages
This fall, we begin a new approach to Religious Education at our Fellowship. Come visit our classrooms … read more.

Children’s Water Day – Sunday, August 28

On Sunday, August 28, we invite children to come to our playground during our 11 am service time for an hour of water fun. We’ll have play pools, water slides, sprinklers and more for a fun, wet time!

Please make sure your child wears or brings … read more.

Chalice Choir Rehearsals Resume Thursday, August 25

After a summer break, our Chalice Choir resumes its regular Thursday evening rehearsals on Thursday, August 25 at 7:00 pm. We expect our choir to resume singing in Sunday services on Sunday, September 4.

For safety’s sake, we wear masks while singing and rehearse in our … read more.