“Justice is what LOVE looks like in public.” ~ Cornel West

Serve the Community

At the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Gainesville we help one another, we help others in our community, and we work towards righting injustice in the world. Volunteering in the broader Gainesville community is an important part of our ministry, and we are active in a wide range of programs. From helping children in Alachua County schools, to working for affordable housing, there is much we do to try and make Gainesville and the larger world a better place.

Social Justice in Action at UUFG

Taking a stand as a Congregation on a social justice issue requires a vote of the membership, and we currently hold a Congregational Meeting each winter to debate and decide on such issues. These meetings have resulted in Proclamations, Statements of Conscience, and specific actions by the Congregation.

In addition, many individual UUFG members choose to make personal commitments to social justice work which they do with others in the congregation or in other groups or on their own. This year, congregation members will be asked to make personal covenants about social justice actions which we will undertake.

The several Social Justice Teams of UUFG engage in ongoing study and action all year long, and always welcome your input, support, and help.

The Social Justice Council, Action Teams and Liaisons, and the Social Justice Circle facilitate the work of the congregation. The four focus areas for 2022 are:

Environmental Justice — Alice Gridley
Democracy — Nancy Parkinson
Economic Justice — Lisa Renner and Joy Avery
Racial Justice — Zoharah Simmons

The Social Justice Circle meets most months on the third Sunday at 12:30 p.m. for anyone interested in Social Justice, to share ideas and plans, and support each other’s work. For information about Social Justice activities at our Fellowship, contact Mary Bahr, at kmlisle.mary@gmail.com.