Appreciating Beauty

This Sunday, as we continue exploring our Touchstone theme of Beauty, we welcome Jan Snyder to our Fellowship’s pulpit. Dr. Snyder is the Director for the Shambhala Gainesville sangha. A clinical psychologist in private practice for over 40 years, she has been actively engaged in the Shambhala community since 2007.

When we appreciate beauty, we are using clear perception. But how much are we really perceiving moment by moment in the world around us? We are sometimes rushed, often caught up with thoughts in our heads, sometimes ruled by thoughts of what’s appropriate to notice, what is beautiful, what isn’t…the basic obstacle to clear perception are our ever present thoughts. Our sense perceptions get numbed by all these thoughts and even feelings about our thoughts. When we begin to perceive the phenomenal world with a sense of humor and relaxation, our sense perceptions become less distorted. Meditation is a practice which helps us relate with our thoughts, our mind, and our breath, and through which we can begin to discover the clarity of our sense perceptions. We then can appreciate so much beauty that is all around us.

Sue Boone serves as worship associate, and James Chase provides our story for all ages. Music this Sunday is provided by the acapella group, Resonance.

We will also “share the plate” with Florida Rights Restoration Coalition. This organization works to restore voting rights of formerly incarcerated persons. All non-dedicated offering at this service will benefit FRRC. Please remember to wear a mask.