Petition Drive for Medicaid Expansion in Florida

The Social Justice Circle will be collecting petition signatures for Medicaid expansion in Florida following training on March 17. Medicaid expansion in Florida would allow anyone whose income qualifies to join Medicaid.

Right now in Florida, only pregnant women and their children and people with disabilities are eligible for Medicaid. This amendment would allow about 800,000 low-income Floridians to get health care under Medicaid. It will also benefit rural hospitals who are dependent on Medicaid funds and it now has bipartisan support in the legislature.

UUFG to Be Community Hub

The Board has approved a Social Justice request to put a petition form drop box at the entrance of the Fellowship. This will make UUFG Social Justice a Community hub for collecting the petitions. Regional Hub Alachua County Labor Coalition will pick up the completed petitions from the lockbox each week and process and forward them to the State organization.

UUFG Social Justice will begin gathering Medicaid Expansion petitions after our training at the March 17th Circle meeting which will be available on Zoom. If you would like to help gather petitions please plan to attend this training on March 17th at 1:30 pm.

Lisa Renner is leading the petition Drive. Please contact Lisa if you would like to volunteer at