Leadership Development at Our Fellowship

In July, the UUFG Governing Board appointed Warren Hodge as the fifth member of the UUFG Leadership Development Committee (LDC). Warren joins Aaron Broadwell, Judith Kendall, and Harry Mangle, who were elected at the annual meeting, and Mary Bahr, who is a continuing member.

The LDC is planning a Sunday service, “Leadership as Spiritual Growth,” tentatively scheduled for September 25. Save the date and plan on attending this inspiring presentation by present and past UUFG leaders.

The LDC’s focus for the year will be on revitalizing the UUFG tradition of strong lay leadership by identifying and training emerging UUFG leaders. The LDC will make available a variety of leadership training opportunities, including on-site local workshops, opportunities for remote training from the Southern Region of the UUA, and attending next summer’s UUA General Assembly.

The future of our congregation is tied to the strength of our lay leadership. If you would like information about UUFG leadership and training opportunities, please contact Judith Kendall, LDC chair at judithkendall@cox.net.