Hopeful Hand Drumming – A celebration of African History Month

This Sunday, as we continue our exploration of this month’s Touchstones theme of “Hope,” we welcome Santa Fe Adjunct Professor Leon Larson to the Fellowship’s pulpit. We hope you will join this interactive and vibrant service featuring the Lost Safari Drummers. Mary Anthony serves as worship associate, and James Chase provides our story for all ages. Our Chalice Choir sings under the direction of Tané DeKrey.

Mr. Larson has been drumming for more than 50 years. His inspiration was Babatundi Olatunji, the Nigerian drumming master who founded the group Drums of Passion. , Larson has studied with Gordy Ryan, a 20-year veteran of Drums of Passion, and several West African masters including trips to Ghana and Guinea. with a focus on West African culture, rhythms and dance. Larson co-founded Gainesville’s Lost Safari Drummers. He has worked with the University of Florida’s Agbedidi drumming and dance ensemble in addition to teaching at Santa Fe College and conducting drumming workshops throughout Florida. He currently teaches “Hand Drumming for All” through Santa Fe College Community Education.

Performing since 1990, the Lost Safari Drummers are inspired by the rhythms of West Africa: rhythms from Nigeria, Gambia, Guinea, Ghana, Senegal, Mali, Sierra Leone, and rhythms that were carried to and evolved in Trinidad, Cuba, Haiti, and Brazil. For information about the Lost Safari Drummers, please click HERE.

Live Stream
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