February Message from Rev. Christe Lunsford


It has been clear that there is a desire to be together in person and yet the hesitation to attend indoor events verses outdoor events shows the weighing of personal risk is still dramatic and unfamiliar. We choose to take risks everyday as part of our daily needs and yet COVID has become overwhelming. Not without reason mind you, but it has left many of us with decision fatigue and debilitating overwhelm into how we can be together in community.

Of course, just as we thought we were safe to return in larger numbers this new variant sent us back to our homes to attend functions online. And it does appear that as quickly as this variant came it will leave, so it won’t be long before we can jump back in. Also the drop in temperatures has held up outside services and meetings, but I expect this too will be short lived.

I was hearted by the outpouring of help when we did our first regular Sunday outdoor worship service and hope that as soon as the temperatures warm up a bit, we will be able to come back to more outdoor services for the spring. That is what is being planned anyway. We are planning several special events for this spring – many of you have volunteered to lead social outing for the community and I would love to see more of these.

There has also been a wonderful group of folx who have stepped up to help in all things needed for the Installation of the Minister service scheduled for April 24th. This event had been postponed due to COVID and the time now feels right to follow through with it. This service is as much for the congregation as it is the minister. It is scheduled to be outside so all can attend.

We need a good party – a celebration of this community’s resilience and commitment. That is exactly what we are planning this event to be. So set out all the good energy for a beautiful Florida weekend with no rain.

In addition, part of the hope that sustains me is in knowing that our choir has a new director and that their participation in service is finding its way through to a new “normal.”

It is time to reflect and renew your personal boundaries of what feels safe? What are you willing to do and what is just too much?

I would hope you all registered for the governments COVID tests. We have a few at the Fellowship if you find yourself needing to test and there are none available.

There are also things that our new zoom familiarity makes possible. There are many learning opportunities sponsored by the UUA, our Southern Region (or any region for that matter), the Side with Love campaign and others. We always try to put these opportunities in the Gazette but we never hear if anyone is attending or would attend if the barrier of fees were lifted. For those of you that might like to attend more of these events please reach out to the office and myself and we will help in getting you connected.

I hope to see each of you soon.

In Faith
Rev. Christe