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Sunday Service, September 19

This Sunday, our service features a celebration of Mabon, a pagan festival to give thanks to nature or Mother Earth for a good harvest. Jeff Stevens serves as worship associate. Heather Arata provides our story for all ages, and prelude music by Dr. Thomas Royal begins at around 10:50 am. This Sunday we also "Share the Plate" with Bread of the Mighty Food Bank.

To watch our Sunday services, please visit our UUFG Facebook page:


You can also watch our streaming service starting at 10:50 am this Sunday on our YouTube channel:

For those looking forward to gathering together for services at our Fellowship, please regularly visit our website for updates. We will not meet for "in person" services in our Sanctuary until our county's Covid risk level falls to an appropriate level.


Sermon CDs

CDs of the Sunday services are available in the Common Room for check-out.

The Common Room is the first room in the administration building, just down the covered walkway on the south side of the Sanctuary building. You’ll find CDs (and cassette tapes of older services) in a cabinet on the right wall. To sign one out, just follow the easy instructions on the clipboard.

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