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Governing Board

The Governing Board meets monthly on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 6:30 PM, usually in the Common Room.

All the documents (agendas, agendas w/attachments, and minutes) are found in the Member>File Cabinet>Governing Board area.

Note:  you must be logged in as a member to see and download the Governing Board documents. If you are not registered, please contact the Webmaster.

Please print the agendas and any attachments if you attend the Governing Board meeting.

Special meetings are called outside this schedule with prior notification to the membership when this occurs.

Serve on the Governing Board

What does the Governing Board do?

The role of the Governing Board is to oversee the administration of the church. This includes writing policy and procedures for governance claity in the congregation,  presenting a budget to the congregation, oversight of fiscal responsibility, hiring and firing of staff, negotiating the Letter of Agreement with the minister, coordinating with the Program Council, and being the legal representative of the congregation.

The Governing Board consists of three Fellowship officers (President, Secretary, and Treasurer), and four at-large Trustees elected from the membership. Each Officer serves a one-year term and each Trustee serves a two-year term on the Board.  An individual may serve a maximum of 6 years on the Board, with no more than 4 years in one position.

The Board holds its regular meetings at least four times each year, including once to adopt the proposed budget for the next year in April. Currently, the Board meets monthly.

The President or Secretary may call a special Board meeting if deliberation or action on an issue is required before the next regularly scheduled Board meeting.

It is expected that Members of the Governing Board have a duty to participate regularly. Any member of the Governing Board who is absent without notification for two consecutive meetings or three meetings in one year may be considered to have resigned his or her position. In such event, the Governing Board may declare the position vacant and arrange to fill the position.

Members of the Board may participate in meetings electronically.  Electronic participation includes participation via computer or telephone.  Electronic particiption will be used only in situations such as a Board member’s being ill or out of town and unable to physicaly participate.  Electronic participation must meet the following guidelines:
1.  A quorum of Board members must physically be present so that the meeting can continue if connections are lost.
2.  Board members attending electronically must attend the entire meeting unless there is a loss of connection.
3.  Each Board member may attend electronically not more than two times per year.
3.  A Board member who plans to attend electronically is asked to give 24-hours’ notice to the Board president or secretary.
4.  The equipment and connections must be such that Board members can hear and be heard.
5.  Votes at a meeting at which one or more members are attending electronically shall be taken by voice vote, with the presiding officer polling each member for a vote.
6.  Minutes of meetings at which one or more Board members are attending electronically shall record the electronic attendance.


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