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Youth Group Activities

Our Youth Group is a small group ministry for youth focusing on expression of Unitarian Universalist faith, developing youth leadership, and acts of service to the UUFG congregation and community at large.  Another key aspect of the Youth Group is the building of community within our UU youth. Kids often snack from Youth Group food supplies or provided snacks that anyone can bring, and all youth in this age range are welcome to come when they can.

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The group creates and upholds its own covenant, and follows the general structure of

  • Chalice Lighting with Opening Words
  • Check-in/Ice Breaker
  • Discussion/Sharing
  • Check-out
  • Closing Words and Chalice Extinguishing

In addition to weekly meetings, we have between two and four overnight lock-ins a year, generally lasting from 6 pm -9 am every 3 or 4 months.  Each of these has a general goal and feature many opportunities for community-building.  Beyond our congregation, our youth have also participated in regional CON meetings (weekend lock-in events with Florida District youth).  Participation in all of these events is not required, but strongly encouraged.  When possible, we encourage and support our youth in attending the UUA General Assembly.

Some of the group events that our Youth Group does include our Fall and Spring picnic fundraisers (typically Halloween and Easter Sundays), an annual Mother's Day youth service, bake sales, pariticpating in the Pride Parade and MLK Day march, and the Air Potato Round-up.

All meetings, events, lock-ins, CONs, and trips have adult advisors present who have undergone background checks and covenant to follow safety procedures and, when possible, have participated in youth ministry training.


Religious Education Registration

All children and adolescents involved in any Religious Education program at UUFG, including Youth Group, must have a current, updated, registration form filled out and on file.

A new registration form needs to be filled out annually or whenever a child’s living situation changes. Any time new people wish to attend UUFG Religious Education classes, they can register.

Parents, children and youth do NOT need to be members of UUFG to register for and participate in UUFG Religious Education and Youth Group programs.


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