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Babies, Toddlers, and PreK

Childcare is available in our Nursery on Sundays from 10AM to 1PM. Babies and toddlers up to and including four years of age can be registered for care in the Nursery.

Please bring a diaper bag each week with spare diapers and a change of clothes. No attempt is made to conduct a structured program for children of this age. We have, however, set the following goals for children of this age group:
• good physical care is provided
• toddlers are played with, read to, and kept as happy as possible
• parents and guardians are encouraged to stay with children until they are familiar with the sitter and the nursery.

For parents wishing to keep their babies and toddlers with them during the service, the Window Room, located to the right of the Sanctuary entrance, is available if they become restless. The church service can be heard in the Window Room. We hope these options will make church an enjoyable experience for your family.


Religious Education Registration

All children and adolescents involved in any Religious Education program at UUFG, including Youth Group, must have a current, updated, registration form filled out and on file.

A new registration form needs to be filled out annually or whenever a child’s living situation changes. Any time new people wish to attend UUFG Religious Education classes, they can register.

Parents, children and youth do NOT need to be members of UUFG to register for and participate in UUFG Religious Education and Youth Group programs.


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