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Valentine's Day and OWL -- Religious Education Notes for February 2019

Valentine’s Day is week. Cue either the heavy sighs or the excited grins. Depending on personal experiences, most people are very divided on this most “lovely” of holidays. Forgoing the history of the day and its Christian origins, let’s concentrate for a moment on how it’s celebrated today. Like most holidays, it comes with heavy expectations. Unlike most holidays, it focuses almost entirely on our romantic personal relationships. The lip service says it’s a holiday about love, but really, it’s about romance. It’s about couples, almost exclusively. Most un-holiday-like of all, Valentine’s Day carries a sexual expectation. No wonder people are divided. What about people who are single? What about people who are in polyamorous relationships? What about people who identify as asexual?[Click "Read more..." to continue]

Here’s what I care most about: What about our children?

Sometimes we forget that our children are observing and modeling our behavior, all our behavior, all the time. When they see us celebrating a holiday, they take their cues from us. When that holiday is about exaggerated, demonstrative, sometimes punitive, expressions of romantic love, what are they seeing? What are they gathering from TV, social media, their friends? How can they navigate the murky waters of societal expectations while maintaining their own autonomy and personal morality?

Enter OWL. The Our Whole Lives curriculum was developed both UCC and the UUA to be a comprehensive, age-appropriate, science-based sexual education course. It has workshops specifically devoted to consent, healthy relationship dynamics, boundaries, bodily autonomy, and communication. The best part? We are currently teaching it here at UUFG for our kids grades 4-6 and 7-9. Be proud knowing that our congregation is doing its part to prepare our children to navigate a complicated holiday with a clear sense of who they are and what they expect from their future romantic relationships.

Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day!


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