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February 2017 Religious Education Notes

Efforts continue to refresh and rejuvenate our RE spaces. This spring, we are focusing on possibly the biggest and best of our RE facilities, the playground. In past CYREC meetings, we have discussed the value of art in children’s spaces and debated the various ways we could include it in our plans for the playground. We knew we wanted to involve local artists and we knew we wanted the piece to be interactive. We tossed around ideas of child-friendly sculpture, painted fence panels, even hand-crafted paving stones. [Click "Read more..." to continue]


After getting board approval, we have decided on a wildlife mural, designed and painted by local artist Lyssa Bowen. Her vision is to incorporate native Florida plants and animals into the piece in a seek-and-find style while still maintaining its natural ascetic integrity. We feel this addition will provide our youth with a sense of pride in their space, something that is uniquely theirs.

This piece is entirely original and designed with them in mind. It promotes cooperation, as older children help the younger find the hidden animals and name unknown wildlife. It aligns with the teachings of Maria Montessori, that places where children learn should be beautiful. Speaking to the wider congregation, the mural provides an iconic landmark, much like the fountain or labyrinth, and since it can be viewed from the path to the memory garden, it can be enjoyed at all times even when the playground itself is closed.

The mural speaks to our larger mission. Supporting our community by using a local artist with roots in Gainesville and Ocala. Connecting with nature through art and intergenerational education. Providing beauty to be enjoyed by all. Forever seeking out the opportunity to learn.

We hope that you are as excited about our new addition as we are.

In Fellowship,

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , Director of Religious Education


Religious Education Registration

All children and adolescents involved in any Religious Education program at UUFG, including Youth Group, must have a current, updated, registration form filled out and on file.

A new registration form needs to be filled out annually or whenever a child’s living situation changes. Any time new people wish to attend UUFG Religious Education classes, they can register.

Parents, children and youth do NOT need to be members of UUFG to register for and participate in UUFG Religious Education and Youth Group programs.


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