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Children's Education

Way Cool Sunday School” model, a model which emphasizes the importance of community and experience alongside curriculum learning. We begin each Sunday in the sanctuary to share in the first part of worship together.  This is an important ritual for our young people.  The exposure to liturgy is important for learning what our rituals are.  The shared worship experience with families allows them to connect on Sunday mornings in an inspiring and uplifting manner.  The experience of being together says to the children that they are valued and have a place in the congregation.  Children need that sense of belonging, don’t we all?

Two Sundays each month our children and youth attend RE classes.  This is where our teachers work to deliver lessons from curricula that has been carefully selected for each age range with specific goals for each class.  The classroom has its own set of rituals and liturgy along with a style of teaching that covers auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learning.  We are offering rich programming all taught by volunteers.

One Sunday a month, children and youth come together for Helping Hands.  Helping Hands is a program co-led by the Social Justice and RE teams.  The emphasis is on social action.  This raises awareness about issues that concern us as people working for justice and models to our children what it means to live our values and gives them a chance to participate in something that will positively impact another.

One Sunday a month, children and youth remain in the worship service for the all ages services.  This further emphasizes their place in our shared community by including them as listeners and participants in the Sunday morning service.  This Way Cool Sunday School model is a great fit for many reasons.  It offers teachers time to be in worship services rather than having to teach each week.  It includes children and youth more directly in congregational life through inclusion in worship services.  It teaches the value and joy of putting our beliefs into action through the work of social justice.   This model still upholds the classroom value of learning through curriculum, but equally values learning to be part of the community.


Religious Education Registration

All children and adolescents involved in any Religious Education program at UUFG, including Youth Group, must have a current, updated, registration form filled out and on file.

A new registration form needs to be filled out annually or whenever a child’s living situation changes. Any time new people wish to attend UUFG Religious Education classes, they can register.

Parents, children and youth do NOT need to be members of UUFG to register for and participate in UUFG Religious Education and Youth Group programs.


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