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The President's Perspective -- April 2020

How is everyone adjusting? Although this time of social distancing and remote connection has been difficult, there have also been moments where we can see the future potential when we can be back together in person. One of the Board’s goals this year was to modernize Sunday services, and although we were looking into options and introducing the topic, none of us could have foreseen our current situation. And yet. Because we had been thinking about this, talking about this, and researching streaming our Sunday services, we were able to immediately go online a month ago. Our first few services were recorded live in the Sanctuary, just without the congregation physically present. By week three, however, the need to fully embody remote worship was present and even with a steep learning curve, we were able to hold Sunday services online through Zoom and Facebook. [To continue, click "Read More..."]

Since that first week, we have grown in our “modernizing” to include online Board meetings, committee meetings, Social Justice movie nights, children’s chapel, morning meditations, coffee hour, and more. Each week, more people connect virtually. And yet. Not everyone is able to be online. We have a wonderful team who are making personal phone calls with members who haven’t been seen in meetings, groups, or at our livestream services. We are still working to keep people connected.

For myself, I recognize that computer fatigue is a real thing. As much as we want to connect to others, maybe you – like me – sometimes just can’t make another Zoom meeting. There are days that if I have to sit in front of a camera (and even see my own picture amongst the faces of others who I want to see!) one more time, I’d rather curl up in a ball with a good book and forget what day it is on purpose! And that’s okay. Even if this feels like it should be a “relaxing time” there is so much more wrapped up in it – uncertainty, disconnection, lack of human contact (or too much, if you are the only source of contact for your children) – that the potential health effects go beyond the virus. Please, be gentle with yourself. Reach out – however is best for you – and let us know what you may need. Your community is here for you.

Some of what the Board is looking into now is how to hold our required annual meeting and what to do about our congregational budget, considering we weren’t able to have our regular pledge drive. We are also concerned with keeping our staff paid – and coming up with unique ways to keep them busy, for example our childcare providers are reading bedtime stories to our youngest congregants. We still do depend on your pledge of support, although we acknowledge that these are difficult times for many of us. We do have online ways to pay, have recently added Text 2 Give, and as always accept mailed checks.

In Fellowship,
Kristin Stevens

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