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President's Message
The President's Perspective -- May 2014

Congregational Future Planning
For the past several months, the Governing Board has been looking towards the future and trying to figure out what we will be doing next year and for the next few years. Many things in our Fellowship are going well that bring life to our congregation. We have several successful and well-managed programs, we have consistently high quality worship, and we have been working well towards being welcoming each Sunday. [Click "Read more..." to continue.]

The President's Perspective -- April 2014

Our goal for this congregation is to be a strong, vital, and growing congregation. We want our members to be actively involved, engaged, and interconnected, and have made some changes to our membership policies this year to emphasize this. We are currently 178 members strong, and are looking at how to deepen the experience for each of us. [Click "Read More" to continue.]

The President's Perspective -- February 2014

Last Spring, when we knew that we were headed into a period of interim ministry, we asked you, the congregation, what areas we needed to focus on to prepare for settled ministry in two years. You asked us to address these five challenges: improving pastoral care, developing our vision, strengthening our congregational stewardship, promoting community through covenant, and building and facilitating open communication and trust.

The President's Perspective -- January 2014

“And don't think the garden loses its ecstasy in winter. It's quiet, but the roots are down there riotous.” – Rumi

A Florida winter is that time period where we are reminded in short bursts of colder air that not everything is green, sunny, and hot.  Normally it happens in January, with sometimes brief hints of it in December or February.  It changes much of how we do things – winter clothes come out to hang alongside shorts and flip-flops, those air conditioners try to switch gears to heat up houses, and languishing, unused fireplaces spring back to life.  It is a moment to reflect on how different life in Florida is compared to all those much colder, snow-covered places that have had more school snow days than they’ve had school so far this year.

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