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Rev. Keith Kron -- Beyond Categorical Thinking, Sunday, September 16

On Sunday, September 16, 2018, The Rev. Keith Kron, Director of the UUA Ministerial Transitions office, visited the Fellowship. Click below for a recording of his sermon, "Beyond Categorical Thinking: The Van Gogh Cafe."


Your Search Committee and their Roles

Lynne Capehart, Chair
The chair is responsible for the care and feeding of the committee, and for holding the vision. The chair convenes meetings and is the primary communicator with the board, the Transitions Office, the MSR, and the District Executive

Samara Crutchfield, Survey Coordinator
The surveyor will create the survey instrument and survey events capable of eliciting thoughtful, reflective, and copious response in a form that will effectively communicate that response to the prospective candidates.

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Search News

After Sunday Services
Meet two members of the search committee who will answer any questions you may have.

Sunday Services
Please plan to attend both Sunday services when Christe will be preaching, April 28 and May 5.

Sunday, Apr. 28, 2019
12 pm - 2 pm
Potluck lunch

Sunday, May 5, 2019
12:10 pm - 1:30 pm
Congregational Vote
All members should plan to attend this meeting where we vote on whether or not we ratify the Search Committee's choice and therefore choose Christe as our new settled minister!

Email your search committee

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