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Need to let the congregation know about what events your team is putting on? Want to update everyone on what is happening in your program? Need something added to the Church Calendar? Want to see it go out in the Monday eNEWS? Need to have it in the website?

You may send any updates, news, scheduling, and articles to this address: news(at)uufg.org

For articles, send the title of the article, who should be attributed as the author (if you wish it posted), when you'd like it published by (immediately or a future date), and any other news of import.

For a church calendar posting, please include the name of the event, time, date, place, anything that needs to be brought by the participants, and a contact person, email or phone. For the public part of the website, we do not encourage last names be used but first names with a last name initial. The first name list found in the front of the Membership Directory should answer any questions about who they are. We are aware of internet fraud and misuse and try to protect our community.

For Events>Upcoming Events (menu item), it will be pulled out from the calendar info and vice versa. For policies, click "Read more..." to continue.


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