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Deborah's Final Column -- June 2013

Deborah McEdward's Final Column -- June 2013

In my state of the congregation message at the congregational meeting I listed many of the activities and events here at UUFG this past year.   It has been a busy year, and not an easy year, with many changes and challenges.

The President's Perspective -- May 2013

The Governing Board, both current and newly elected members, will be meeting with Reverend Maucere the end of May.

We are anxious to meet him and start making plans for the next year together.

I would like to encourage members to contact me or another Governing Board member if you have ideas or specific concerns. The earlier we start a dialog with him, the more time we have to work on a project together.

In Fellowship,
Deborah McEdward

Standing on the Side of Love -- February 2013

February is not just about Valentines Day, but that is a good place to start. Loving each other and our community can be demonstrated in many ways, a smile, kind word, or just by being together.

Review Time! -- March 2013

The buds are out,

The sky is blue

It’s time again for

A yearly review.

Yes, members of the Governing Board and Program Council are working on the yearly review of bylaws, policies, and procedures. We are looking for input and will keep the membership informed of any proposed changes. If you have suggestions please contact me to become involved with the process. There will be a cottage meeting as well, prior to the annual meeting. Stay tuned!


Getting to Know You -- January 2013

Somehow the turning of the year seems momentus even though every day is a new opportunity and a new start to any endeavor.  With the New Year, expectations are high for resolutions and projects.

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