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There are many ways to find the News at UUFG. This section is devoted to keeping the news available in an easy manner.

The Current News page has a blog format for showing news as it happens in chronological order. The President's Message is the same - the monthly articles found in the Sunday Gazette. The Music and RE menus will provide their monthly articles and any other updates that you should be aware of.

If you have news that you wish to have published for the UUFG community, please send it to news(at)uufg.org. This is the main portal for publishing news. The UUFG website, eNews, Sunday Gazette, and some News and Needs messages will be picked up and published from this address.

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The President's Perspective -- September 2019


For her September message to the congregation, Kristin Stevens provides a detailed overview of the important events held at the Fellowship for a "Start Up Weekend" -- Friday, September 20 through Sunday, September 22.

Please download the attachment below.

Download this file (Presidents Perspective 9-29-19.pdf)Presidents Perspective 9-29-19.pdf[ ]140 Kb
The President's Perspective -- August 2019


At our last meeting, the Governing Board talked a bit about how we meet congregational needs. When we had a Program Council, founding new committees to address congregational areas fell to the representatives. It wasn’t a perfect system, but it did seem to alleviate some of the pressure on the Board to address everything. There is now a gap, and several areas need revisiting and addressing. Pastoral care and congregational communications are two such areas. We also need to re-evaluate and/or re-establish core committees like the Committee on Ministry, a Right Relations Committee, and a Personnel Committee. Additionally, an auction and a pledge team need to be formed and begin working towards successful stewardship efforts. Finally, we have a new settled minister, and we need to have an installation service and members to help plan and execute that. A number of places need attention and time, and it can feel overwhelming when looking at it all at once. [Click "Read more... to continue] 

The President's Perspective -- February 2019

This week I shine a light on some of the many soul satisfying things that are happening all around us at UUFG.

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The President's Perspective -- July 2019

This year, your Board has agreed to commit time to learn together on a monthly basis. Sometimes that “learning together” is a “common read” of a book on governance, leadership, or congregational life/dynamics; sometimes we use a curriculum, etc. With a new minister coming, the learning session will help us deepen our understanding of governance in a religious organization.

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The President's Perspective -- November 2018

Chalice Lighter Call

We have received a Chalice Lighter call in support of UU Church in the Pines in Weekie Wachee, Florida. “What is a Chalice Lighter call?” you ask. [Click "Read more..." to continue]

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