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The President's Perspective -- August 2019



At our last meeting, the Governing Board talked a bit about how we meet congregational needs. When we had a Program Council, founding new committees to address congregational areas fell to the representatives. It wasn’t a perfect system, but it did seem to alleviate some of the pressure on the Board to address everything. There is now a gap, and several areas need revisiting and addressing. Pastoral care and congregational communications are two such areas. We also need to re-evaluate and/or re-establish core committees like the Committee on Ministry, a Right Relations Committee, and a Personnel Committee. Additionally, an auction and a pledge team need to be formed and begin working towards successful stewardship efforts. Finally, we have a new settled minister, and we need to have an installation service and members to help plan and execute that. A number of places need attention and time, and it can feel overwhelming when looking at it all at once.

Other congregational needs can’t be filled by committee: the need to connect to others and the need to be of service. There are great opportunities to deepen connection and find common purpose here. Some of those internal needs can be filled just by coming to worship each week. But working together with others towards a common goal, like I was fortunate to do last year on the Search Committee, deepens connections with others and our Fellowship community. For me, it strengthened my sense of ownership towards UUFG and its members, enriched my life, broadened my horizons, nurtured my need to serve others, and provided me with several close connections with other members Ihadn’t previously really known. It brought me joy, even when the work itself was difficult.

As members of a congregation, we can only do so much. We have a new minister, and they can only do so much. In partnership, and with commitment to connect and serve, there is so much we can do. I would love to talk to you (yes, you!) about the service opportunities we have here – ways to connect you to others and serve a congregational need. I respect and honor the limitations each of us have in ability, time, and presence, and want to work with you to both meet you where you are and meet the congregation’s needs. Help build our diverse religious community committed to lifelong spiritual growth and compassionate service to each other, our community, and the world.

In Fellowship,
Kristin Stevens, Congregation President

The President's Perspective -- July 2019

This year, your Board has agreed to commit time to learn together on a monthly basis. Sometimes that “learning together” is a “common read” of a book on governance, leadership, or congregational life/dynamics; sometimes we use a curriculum, etc. With a new minister coming, the learning session will help us deepen our understanding of governance in a religious organization.

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The President's Perspective -- November 2018

Chalice Lighter Call

We have received a Chalice Lighter call in support of UU Church in the Pines in Weekie Wachee, Florida. “What is a Chalice Lighter call?” you ask. [Click "Read more..." to continue]

The President's Perspective -- February 2019

This week I shine a light on some of the many soul satisfying things that are happening all around us at UUFG.

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Alachua County Faith Leaders Alliance Statement Against Anti-Semitism

Last Saturday the nation was stunned by yet another hateful act of mass murder. This was a hate crime; an antisemitic crime. A Jewish community in Pittsburgh were meeting in their place of worship to celebrate new life and now are mourning the loss of life. As people of diverse faiths, we stand in solidarity with the Tree of Life Congregation and with Jewish communities across the nation, grieving this senseless loss and violence.

The hateful rhetoric that is escalating in our country has to be stopped. The decision to practice patience, peace and love needs to start with our leaders and flow like a river through our communities. Antisemitism is a reality across the globe and as an organization, we are united in condemning out. We can speak across politics, across difference in naming it for what it is — pure hatred. People of faith need to feel safe in their place of worship and not, out of fear, feel compelled to hire extra security or arm themselves.

Now is not the time to be silent. Now is not the time to be sit back and wait. The youth of today need to hear and see us model love for all humanity, speak out against injustice, and call for change.

Therefore, we call on all people of our community to consider the actions we can take to move us toward a better, safer, more inclusive environment. We can say no to hateful speech, especially from those who desire to represent us as elected officials in our community, state and our world. We can say yes to supporting each other, seeking the good for all humanity and especially for those wo are most vulnerable to hate crimes. We can speak and act courageously for the sake of our children, in pursuit of a day when none of them need to live in fear. We have a responsibility for the future of the country and so we say no today to antisemitic behavior; if not us, then who?

As people of diverse faiths, we unite in opposition to antisemitism. Let us work together to change the rhetoric of hate that has become normalized in America. Together we can proclaim that antisemitism and all forms of hate have no place in this community. Together we can offer a different way – the way of peace, the way of respect, the way of love. If not us – who? If not now, when?

Alachua County Faith Leaders Alliance
Rev Andy Bachmann, United Church of Gainesville
Bonnie Zimmer, Co-Clerk, Gainesville Quaker Meeting
Rev Catherine Dearlove, Senior Pastor, Trinity MCC Gainesville
Rev. Dr. Cathy Harrington, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Gainesville
Rabbi David Kaiman, Rabbi, Congregation B’nai Israel, Gainesville
Rev Greg Magruder, Pastor, Parkview Baptist Church, Gainesville
Rev. Dr. Janet Claire Moore, Director, The Seraphim Center, Gainesville
Dr. Jan Snyder, Center Director, Shambhala, Gainesville
Rev Larry Green, Senior Pastor, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Gainesville
Father Les Singleton, Episcopal Church of the Mediator, Micanopy
Rev. Dr. Maureen Killoran, Unitarian Universalist (retired), Gainesville
Rabbi Michael Joseph, Temple Shir Shalom, Gainesville
Rev. Milford Lewis Griner, President, The Rosa Parks Quiet Courage Committee, Gainesville
Rev Shelly Wilson, Senior Pastor, United Church of Gainesville

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