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The President's Perspective -- April 2018

altChariot's A-Comin'

Chariot’s A-Comin’, which has often been sung right here in our Sanctuary, has been playing in my head for much of last week. Why? There is good news to share! Our Stewardship drive for the coming year has already received pledges exceeding the amount pledged for our current fiscal year and we are still expecting a few more pledges to come in. This happened even though we have suffered the loss of several of our senior members during this year. To quote Rev. Maureen Killoran “in 32 years of ministry and 15 years of lay leadership I have never seen pledges come in so quickly.”

Our Stewardship team, led by Liz Stewart, included Mary Bahr, Debby Jo Malickson, Paul Avery and Tom Mareci. They deserve a great deal of credit for spearheading the campaign, spreading the word, raising enthusiasm, setting an example and quickly doing follow up work to bring in the pledges. And you, our members and friends, heard their message about the need to compensate current staff and our next minister fairly, the need to maintain our beautiful campus and keep our vital outreach programs growing. You heard the message and you responded. Thank you!

Yet another piece of good news is that we received many, many suggestions for members of our Ministerial Search Committee. It was exciting to see that over half of our members received at least one vote when we called you for your ideas. That tells me that there is a lot of trust and respect among our congregation. Board members are calling many of those nominated to assess their willingness and ability to serve on the Search Committee. On Sunday, April 15, there will be a Congregational Meeting to vote on the slate of committee members presented by the Board. Mark your calendars!

In Fellowship,
Marilyn Roberts
Congregation President



Sunday, April 15, 11 am — Share the Plate for ACORN
During our Sunday service we will Share The Plate for ACORN! At ACORN Clinic in Brooker, FL, staff and volunteer physicians, dentists, nurse practitioners and other health care professionals, with partnerships from University of Florida and Santa Fe College, provide low priced high-quality health care and social services for those in need in the rural population. ACORN medical clinic offers a full range of primary and preventive health care. The Dental Clinic has six dental chairs and an oral surgery suite. For more information see acornclinic.org. For our April 15 Share the Plate collection we will give all non-pledge offerings to ACORN Clinic.

Sunday, April 15, 12:30 pm, Common Room — Social Justice Circle
The Social Justice Circle invites all who would like to share ideas and support for the social justice work of the congregation. The Circle meets the third Sunday of most months, after the service. This month we will begin to plan our work for the coming year based on the priorities that the congregation has chosen.

Sunday, April 22, 11am and 6pm — Climate Justice Program by Ignite Applied Theatre
On Earth Day, Sunday April 22, Gainesville’s Ignite Applied Theatre will present two programs for us on Climate Justice. At our Sunday service, Ignite will fill our sermon time with reflections on local and worldwide social and cultural impacts of immigration and environmental change due to Climate Change. That evening the Ignite Theatre troupe will return to deepen the connection that we have with environmental justice, through reflection of stories from audience members on where we connect with climate justice. The evening program will begin with a potluck supper at 6pm - please bring a main dish, salad or dessert to share. We hope you will join the Social Justice Council for both of these programs!

Ann Kinnebrew, executive director of Ignite Applied Theatre specializes in using art and theatre in non traditional theatre spaces to enhance community, health, education and social justice missions. Ignite’s focus is to engage the community using a variety of theatre techniques, including Playback Theatre. This original form of Improvisational Theatre invites the audience or group members to share stories of significant moments in their lives usually around a focus or theme and then watch a trained troupe of actors perform them on the spot. The aim is to provide a safe and inclusive space to share our own stories and experience a deeper connection as a community and as individuals. The troupe says “We are very much looking forward to our time at UUFG as we explore the important topic of climate justice and its global and local impact.”

Sunday, April 22, 12:30 pm, Sanctuary — Living Wage Seminar featuring Jeremiah Tattersall
Jeremiah Tattersall will be our speaker at a seminar on the Living Wage Campaign being led by the Alachua County Labor Coalition. The Alachua County Labor Coalition launched the living wage certification project to coincide with the living wage campaign. Started in 2016 they currently have certified 15 employers including Satchels Pizza, Westminster Presbyterian, and Atlantic Home Design. The goal of this project is to showcase employers who pay a living wage to their workers and help to drive customers their way. This is accomplished by attaching a window decal to their business and advertising their participation in the program through tabling, print advertising and more. While some of the participating organizations and businesses are not traditional consumer services their participation is still welcome.

The Labor Coalition's living wage campaign launched in 2015 is seeking to increase the wages for the 10 largest employers by 2020. They decided on this approach as it is not currently legal to increase the minimum wage for Alachua County or the City of Gainesville. This campaign aims to saturate the labor market with similarly situated jobs that pay a living wage thus driving up wages for all workers. When a plurality of custodial, lawn care, maintenance, secretarial, etc. workers are paid a living wage there will be pressure to increase wages in other businesses.

The President's Perspective -- August 2017

This is the time of year when we gear up for the new Fellowship year. The Board welcomes two new board members, Aaron Broadwell and Richard Curtis. We are grateful for the service of Mary Anthony and Ron Lange who completed their terms on the Board at the end of June. [Click "Read more..." to continue]

The President's Perspective -- September 2017

It will be good to be together again after missing our service on September 10 due to hurricane Irma. I hope all of you and your families weathered the storm safely with your homes intact as well. Some of us are still awaiting electricity. We are relieved that our UUFG buildings were undamaged by Irma. The grounds, however, will require a lot of cleaning up! A small work crew has already begun, and more help is always appreciated. Many of our members helped each other to prepare for and recover from the storm. It is during difficult times that we really appreciate our loving community. [Click "Read more..." to continue]

Social Justice Programming -- March 2018

Social Justice News -- March 2018

UF BATEMAN TEAM PRESENTATION: Sunday, March 11, 12:30-2:30, Sanctuary
The Bateman Team of students from University of Florida College of Journalism will present a program Happy Endings: A Childhood Cancer Dialogue. Meet inspiring cancer survivors during an intimate dialogue! Be part of the solution — help every child with cancer have a happy ending to treatment!

TOWN HALL MEETING ON FAMILY PROMISE: Sunday, March 25, 12:15,-1:15, Sanctuary
A Town Hall Meeting on the subject of Family Promise will take place after the service. At our Congregational Meeting in January, our vote on whether to continue as a host church barely passed, 14 to 12. We must face the question: does this program have enough support by UUFG members? Or should we find another way to practice Social Justice in the community? Jayne Moraski, Director of Gainesville Family Promise, will be present to answer your questions and concerns. We need a good turnout for this very important conversation. Mark your calendars and plan to attend!

At our Congregational Meeting in January, we asked congregation members to vote on what Social Justice work you would like UUFG to work on in the coming year. Economic Inequality/Poverty got the most votes, followed very closely by Corruption of Our Democracy, Climate/Environment, and Race/Racism in almost equal numbers. To find out about current work in these areas please take a look at the Social Justice display and bulletin board in the Phillips Social Hall, and get in touch with leaders who are listed there so you can be part of the ongoing solutions!

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