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Program Council

Mission: Working together to build a healthy, supportive, and dynamic community in our church.

Responsibilities: The Program Council is responsible for implementing the programs of the Fellowship and for carrying out other duties delegated to it by the Governing Board. It is also the body responsible for communications and coordination among programs, groups, and committees falling within their Subcouncils, and between programs, committees, and the Program Council.

Members: The Program Council consists of the Program Council Chairperson, Program Council Secretary, and four Subcouncil Representatives, all of whom are elected by the Voting Members at the Annual Meeting, and who, at the time of their election, have been Members of the Fellowship at least six months.

The Subcouncil Representatives are responsible for, advocates for, and liaisons to, the programs, groups, committees, and task forces falling within their defined subject areas, which are determined by the Program Council.

To see the current members, you will need to be logged into the website as personal info is restricted.

For a listing of Program council members and contact info, log in and look under Serve>Elected Leaders. You need to be registered for the website to view this information.

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