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Donations, Bequests, Directed Gifts

What sorts of assets can be donated?

The Foundation accepts gifts or bequests of money, securities and properties.

How are gifts or bequests made to the Foundation?

Simply place a check payable to the UUF Foundation in the collection basket at a Sunday Service. A simple bequest can be written into your will. A trust can be established where the income is available to you during your life with the remainder reverting to the Foundation at your death. Life insurance policies can list the Foundation as the beneficiary. You can work with UUA of Boston on a pooled income fund or charitable gift annuity. The UUF Foundation also has a financial advisor who can be consulted for financial contributions. Please contact a Foundation Director for this information.

How are Directed Gifts handled?

Normally, gifts go into the pooled Foundation fund. If the donor has some particular objective in mind when making a donation, this will be respected if in agreement with the purposes of the Foundation. Please discuss such gifts with the Directors before completing the transfer of assets.

What are some of the occasions that inspire donations to the Foundation?

Gifts are made to celebrate important milestones in the lives of members of the congregation such as births, deaths, honors and awards, memorials, marriages, and anniversaries.

How do I make such a gift?

You should make a check payable to the UUFG Foundation; 4225 NW 34th St. Gainesville, FL 32605. To donate gifts of appreciated securities or other property, contact one of the Directors. You may also wish to consult your attorney.

How is my gift recognized?

All major donors names will be placed on the UUFG Legacy Society Donor Plaque. The person or family you are honoring will also be notified. Letters of acknowledgement will be sent for tax purposes.

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