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The Minister's Musings -- September 2019

Now Our Future Can Begin!

The excitement of our new journey together and the beginning of the church year creates a lot of energy. I am hearing about so many new ideas from all of you that I just want to say I am listening, and I am excited as well. AND, it will take time … the Governing Board and I will be setting goals for the year and much of what you have shared will be discussed and included.

One of those goals will undoubtedly be around how we connect as a community. Joining a Touchstones small group is just one of the ways you can connect more deeply with others at the fellowship. As a reminder, Touchstones is a theme-based resource that supports and inspires UU congregations to help transform the world. It is just one source that can help us sustain an intentional, integrated, and holistic process of deepening our own understand of our place in the world. Small groups, or circles as they are often called, help us connect to others while we explore our own thoughts and feelings.

I believe that the best way to build the world we wish to see and live in, is to be an active participant. So as we edge into fall, be looking for church events that call you in. At the same time, be mindful of how you can support and serve others in the UUFG community during events that may not center your needs. Building beloved community is a commitment to the greater good.

There will be change, there will be compromise, and there can be spiritual growth. Let us strive to be intentionally present and supportive throughout the year and be led by our curious and loving hearts and minds.

Rev. Christe

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