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Member Involvement

Member involvement can be summed up in the "four P’s" mentioned above: Presence, Participation, Practice, and Percentage Giving.

  • Presence. Our members attend worship services regularly unless special circumstances prevent. We value member presence, and members are missed when they are not at Sunday service.

  • Participation. Our members participate in the life of UUFG by joining a committee, teaching a class (children, youth, or adult), being active in an RE class, singing with the choir, gettting involved with special projects, helping with Sunday greeting or coffee set-up and clean-up, or being an office volunteer. Find the form and level of participation that works for you.

  • Practice. Our members practice their religion. This may be done through spiritual practices of meditation, prayer, or ritual; through social action for peace and justice; through active caring and ministry to one another — or any deliberate personal program to embody Unitarian Universalist principles in daily life. Unitarian Universalism is a faith which calls on us to live it in all aspects of life. If you were accused of being a Unitarian Universalist, would there be enough evidence for a conviction? Our members provide ample evidence every day!

  • Percentage Giving. Our members financially support the vision and the dreams of our Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Gainesville by making regular contributions in fulfillment of their annual Estimate of Giving.
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