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Campus Buildings

Main Building

This northernmost building holds the Sanctuary, Phillips Hall (a large multipurpose room), Choir Room, and office for the Director of Music along with the kitchen and Window Room (with visual and audio access to the Sanctuary). This building contains fully accessible bathrooms.

Administration Building

The large eastern-facing building holds the Common Room (a meeting room with TV and Blu-ray), mail room, and offices for the Minister, Office Administrator, and Director of Religious Education. This building contains one fully accessible bathroom.

Meeting Building

Located in the southeast corner, this building contains the Youth Room, Library, one classroom, and external bathrooms that include showers.

RE Classroom Building

This building is on the south side and closest to the road, and is composed of four classrooms, including our nursery on the western end. Each classroom has two exit doors, one leading to the central courtyard, and one leading to the gated Children's Garden on their south entrances.  Two of the rooms have individual fully accessible bathrooms, with a private hallway between the rooms.



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