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What Do Our Members Say?

What Makes UUFG Different?

A list of testimonials from visitors and members alike at UUFG.



"I was recently asked about UUFG; I gave them our vision statement. I said, "My congregation is a diverse religious community committed to lifelong spiritual growth and service to each other, our own community, and the earth." We are free to form our own religious theology, drawing on all the different religions of the world. We are learning and expanding our understanding of a variety of spiritual teachings, and it is a process that lasts a lifetime. It is a very special religious community that welcomes everyone."

"We wanted a church where we could be a part of a loving and accepting community, a place where our spirits could thrive."

"UUFG is a community of caring, thinking, sharing individuals who are dedicated to guiding each other and others on the journey called life."

"At a UU church, one does not have to leave anything at the door when one enters. Unlike some religions, everyone is welcome. As a UU, I am open to continuing exploration of life’s mysteries and the call of social justice."

"UUFG is an open-minded church that welcomes any race, culture, religion, and ethnic group. It is also a very loving place."

"Being a UU means that I have a faith community where I am accepted, and free to share, explore and practice my spirituality. It lets me grow through compassion and service to others."

"UUFG is a place where we encourage love, practice freedom of belief, and value all religions and faiths. It is also a place where we share fellowship with other liberal thinkers."

"Unitarian Universalists think for themselves. Although we don’t have a doctrine to memorize or agree with, we generally agree with our own search and try to be inclusive rather than exclusive.  I believe in finding my own spiritual path. The UU church is the only faith that will give me support and nurture this concept."

Why Unitarian Universalism?

"I am proud to be a Unitarian Universalist, to be caring and considerate of all people, and to feel that everyone is equal, regardless of their spiritual beliefs."

"Unitarian Universalism is a religious group where human values are more important than doctrine."

"In Unitarian Universalism, everyone experiences the Divine in a different way."

"Unitarian Universalism draws on the good ideas of the world’s traditions, and focuses on our commonalities rather than the differences. We are inclusive rather than divisive. We are accepting of people’s differences. Our faith honors and celebrates the sacred within us all, the force that animates us. Our faith also focuses on responsible action."

"As a UU, I am free to embrace my own spirituality, knowing that it is my own and that I am supported in my differences as well as the shared spirituality of my fellow members."

"My chosen religion celebrates the diversity of all people. It allows us to believe our own truths and is not particularly dogmatic. It is a liberal religion that does not claim to have all the answers, but seeks to find them."

"For me, the UU faith is a religion of the open book. Revelation is ongoing. Creation is ever-evolving, and we are requested to be part of it all. Eternity invites us all to participate and celebrate life’s continuous redemptive moments.  Unitarian Universalists join together to try to make the world a better and more just place for everyone."

"Unitarian Universalism is a 400 year old liberal religion that supports me in my search for meaning. This religion sustains my spirit in the midst of a beloved community, and encourages me to work for justice and positive change in the world."

"Unitarian Universalists are not bound by a certain set of beliefs. Instead, we covenant to affirm and promote the Seven Principles. Our Four Noble Truths are: it is a blessing that you were born, it matters what you do, your experience of the divine is true, and you don’t have to go it alone."

"The UU faith is a liberal religion with freedom of the pulpit and freedom of the pew. We have guiding principles, and we believe in the worth and dignity of every person. We believe that there is truth in every religion and in science, but that every person needs to decide for themselves their own spiritual truths. We are a caring community."

"The UU faith is a liberal religion dedicated to the search for spiritual truth. There is no dogma. Each person finds their own spiritual path. Our first Principle is the inherent worth and dignity of every person. For me, it is home. I can believe what I do, and I am accepted."

"Unitarian Universalists value all the world’s great religious teachings. We value everyone, all living beings, and the Earth. We always have fresh-brewed hot coffee after church!"

"I believe that being a UU means you have the freedom to be what you want to be and to think what you want to think. You are free to accept all religions and find out who you are."

"Our faith respects all religions and all beings, both human and non-human alike."

"As a UU, I am able to enjoy freedom of thought in my spiritual quest."

What About God?

"I am a child of God, on my way back home, trying to improve the landscape along my way. Recognizing that the whole garden does not belong to me, I am responsible only for the part of it that was assigned to me."

"The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are one. I think of them as a force of nature. Life is a balance between preserving what is, creating something new, and caring for other people. The world can be a better place only through personal effort. The joy one experiences is attained during life. Death brings a merging of one’s spirit into the elements, like a drop of water into a lake.  I believe there is something more that holds us in the world and life. I believe that we we life, the world, our community, and ourselves love, respect, and compassion as we aim to make life better for each other. Together we can celebrate life. Unitarian Universalism allows us to explore all of these issues, our faith, and our questions about the meaning of life."

"I believe we are a species in a marvelous and eternally changing cosmos, the variety and sum of all that I call God. We share the Earth with multitudes of different creatures from microscopic to the whole planet itself and we are only one form of life. We respect all life, although we may reluctantly harm other species for self-protection. We believe in love and peace with all other women and men from other cultures. While we are committed to peace, we search for alternatives to war. We find it very painful to accept war and violence even as a LAST resort."

"As a UU, I believe that our church is a good social institution. We don’t have to believe that God exists or is necessary."

"I am everything and I am nothing. God is all in life but humility is still key and life is precious. The UU faith supports me in my beliefs."

"I am a Universalist. I personally believe in God, and that God is loving and compassionate. I do not believe in eternal damnation. Personally, I believe in reincarnation. As a UU, I respect other people’s personal beliefs, and I believe that there are probably as many ways to experience God (or not) as there are individuals on this Earth."

"I have the power of the One within me, as do all people and the rest of the Great Spirit’s creation. All I have to do is ask and it is given."

"There is one presence among us and within us as Unitarian Universalists. Every person is worthy and ‘saved’ without exception."

"I believe that we are all connected to each other and to the earth around us. Therefore we must respect each other’s inherent worth and dignity, and likewise the earth and all its inhabitants."

"Unitarian Universalism is a liberal faith rooted in Christianity. We acknowledge diverse paths on the mountain of spirituality. We especially value a stance of compassion towards each other, the community, and the web of all existence."

"We Unitarian Universalists believe that there is only one God in all forms of religious worship. We don’t have dogma or stated truths. We believe that we are on a quest for knowledge."

"The UU faith is like a cookie recipe in which you can use butter or shortening, white sugar, brown sugar, honey, or Splenda, and egg or arrowroot powder. You can also use white flour, whole wheat, cornmeal, oats, or rice flour in any proportion. You can add some backing powder, baking soda, or cream or tartar, as well as chocolate chips, raisins, vanilla, or walnuts. You can stir until the ingredients are combined and bake at 325 or 400 degrees, or you can just eat the cookies raw if you like."

How Does Unitarian Universalism Change How You Live?

"I am just a person who is looking for help and guidance about how to become a better man. Unitarian Universalism helps me with this process."

"I feel obligated to leave the world a better place than I found it. I believe that, as Unitarian Universalist Albert Schweitzer said, ‘my life is my statement’."

"As a UU, I am free to question, to learn, to answer the goals and objectives of a higher power. I am also free to embrace, to respect, and to share the values and the love of the community. I am a work in progress."

"Unitarian Universalists accept and respect others. We try to always help others.  I am not exactly sure what I believe in, but I know what I do NOT believe in. I do not believe in a God who is intolerant and vengeful. This is consistent with our Unitarian Universalist values."

"I believe that as a UU, it is my responsibility to find my place in the universe and do my best to make it a better place for others to find as well. I believe that we are all equal parts of the sacred whole and that it is our responsibility to do good actions."

"I believe that our thoughts, words, and deeds are central to our spirituality. It doesn’t matter to me what cosmological beliefs lead to nurturing thoughts, words, and actions as long as we get there."

"I believe in the worth and dignity of every person. The UU faith is welcoming to all and is non-judgmental. We hope to leave the world a better place than when we entered it."

"Unitarian Universalism is about the search. Together, as one community, we share and encourage spiritual truths that we have found and the path that we’ve experienced. It is a lifestyle, and it is a spiritual mindset that sees the sacred in everything and everyone."

"Unitarian Universalists believe that small actions can have big consequences and that all people should be treated with dignity and respect."

"Unitarians do not require commitment to a creed. We require commitment to search for truth and meaning to each other, our communities, and to the world of nature. Plus, we recognize same sex unions."

"We believe in the worth of all living beings on the earth, as we travel through our universe dependent upon each other for caring and support."

"Being a UU means to be able to share the freedom to think with one another."

"Being a UU means that I can state my ideas of faith and spirituality without being ridiculed. I value all people and their ideas. I have the freedom to be myself and let others be themselves at all times. All creatures and the Earth are valuable."

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