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Serve the Fellowship

Communities only truly become communities when we pay attention to how we spend our time together, and bring intention to the work of building bonds of care and relationship. The simple act of greeting those entering the building on Sunday mornings is an important act of hospitality, as is spending time on Sunday mornings educating our children and youth. Find out more about these and many other ways you might volunteer within our UUFG community.

Volunteering to Serve

Volunteers are the lifeblood of our church community. We would not be able to do all that we do without your hard work and commitment. Your time and talent are vital components that help make our worship, our programming, and our caring meaningful and vibrant.

We have many opportunities to serve within the Fellowship through:

  • Yearly occasions: Auction team, stewardship drive
  • Monthly occasions: Sparkle Saturday,
  • Weekly occasions: Sound room, Hospitality, User/Greeters,
  • Serving on a program or standing committee
  • Serving in elected leadership
Weekly Occasions

Hospitality and Arrangements Team

As part of the Worship Program, our mission is "to make life good by fostering spiritual well being." We accomplish our mission by supporting Sunday services through preparation of the Fellowship Hall for service, greeting members and guests, and preparing and serving refreshments after service.  By working together to welcome members and guests, we fulfill the goal of enhancing the sense of fellowship, love, and community within our congregation.
Contact: Wendy P., lead

Right Relations Team

The purpose of the Right Relations Team is to educate and guide the congregation toward ever more effective ways of relating to one other through conscious covenantal living. 
Contact: JoLaine J-P

Sound Team

Get trained in how to run the recorder for our services and provide microphone service during Sanctuary and Phillips Social Hall events. There is a rotating schedule of volunteering for this service.

Contact: Erin Parish

Sunday Greeters

Are you a "people" person? If so, we need you to help meet and greet visitors, newcomers, friends, and members before the Sunday morning worship service.
Contact: Judith Kendall

UU Connections Team

The purpose of the UU Connections is to inform the congregation of events at the District and national level, and to encourage members' participation in these events and their support of the District and the UUA.  The Team also recruits "Chalice Lighters", who agree to support a new UU congregation in the Florida District, or one building its first church or hiring its first minister. Chalice Lighters contribute $10 up to three times a year to congregations selected by the Florida District Board. Gainesville has about 100 "Chalice Lighters". 
Contact: Paul A., Al T.

Web Team

Learn how to update our website and help keep our communications up-to-date. Training is available and gradual experience encouraged so join us and learn how to work in JoomLa and up coming WordPress site.
Contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Monthly Occasions

Sparkle Saturday

Love to get your hands dirty? So do we! Whether you like to weed, plant or do some heavy lifting, we'd love to have you. Grounds is a great place to get to know others at the Fellowship. We conduct regular grounds mini-work-days on the second Saturday of each month, 9-11 a.m.

Come by during that time and pitch in! No need to RSVP, just bring your gloves and mosquito-repellent/sun protection. Newcomers are always welcome, and it is a great way to get to know other people. For information, contact Becky Moulton.

Yearly Occasions

Auction Team

The Auction Committee organizes the annual Service Auction, our biggest fundraiser and biggest party of the year. This committee finds donors; manages an auction database; determines the date and theme for the auction; coordinates volunteers to arrange for publicity, decorations, live music, menu, beverages; creates/manages a webpage; oversees auction budget and accounting; recruits kitchen, setup, and clean up volunteers. Contact: Paul Hargrave

Pledge DriveTeam

The Pledge Drive Team organizes and prepares for the annual pledge drive that allows the congregation to budget for the upcoming year.


Program and Standing Committees

Program Committees

Want to know who is leading a committee? When the next UU 101 class is meeting?
Talk to our Office Administrator, Cam (352.377.1669). Or ask someone on Sunday Morning.

Beloved Community

Membership Committee
The Membership Committee's weekly responsibility involves welcoming our visitors on Sunday morning with packets of information and a current newsletter, name tags, a visitor's book and a sign-in list for those interested in our UU 101 classes for prospective members.  We also meet visitors during the coffee hour and involve them in conversation with others.  The committee organizes and facilitates regular UU 101 classes.

Lifespan Faith Development

Children and Youth Religious Education Committee (CYREC)
CYREC at UUFG is an active and vibrant group of interested congregational members, whose primary job is to work closely with the Director of Religious Education in providing a wide variety of programs for our younger members. As a part of the Religious Education Program, we are very involved in planning events throughout the calendar year and recruiting involvement in youth activities from all members of the congregation. We also give input to curricula for the Sunday RE classes, as well as help recruit RE teachers and childcare personnel for congregational events.

Our membership has grown and flourished, reflecting our desire to ensure that quality programs for our children continue to expand and be modified with the changing nature of our fellowship. The CYREC Steering Committee meets on a monthly basis.  We provide updates in the congregational news channels, and we also report to other committees via Program Council meetings on a monthly basis. Select agendas for upcoming meetings or minutes from previous meetings from the attachments below.

Social Justice

Social Justice Council
The Social Justice Council (SJC) members support the mission of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Gainesville (UUFG) by 'fostering…peace and justice' through assessment of social concerns and the promotion of effective actions to meet community needs. The purpose of the Social Justice Council is to promote peace and justice by providing information and facilitating action on political and social issues. Individually, members of the Social Justice Council have the opportunity to use their talents and skills working on social projects of their particular interest. Collectively, the members have the necessary strength to provide effective leadership for the congregation and the community.


Music Committee
The purpose of the Music Committee is to act as a support and advocacy group for the music program. It also interacts and coordinates activities with other committees such as the Worship Associates, Children and Youth Religious Education Committee, and Social Justice.

Standing Committees

Standing Committees report to the Governing Board, and do the foundational work of the Fellowship: facility, fiscal, and future.

Other Committees

Building and Grounds
This committee is responsible for maintaining the buildings and grounds of the Fellowship in good repair and appearance at all times. The committee is run by co-chairs because the responsibilities of this committee are so extensive. Members of the committee consist of those who volunteer for work mornings or otherwise.

Finance Committee
A standing committee of UUFG's Governance Program, the Finance Committee makes recommendations to the Governing Board and congregation concerning generation, custody, and management of Fellowship funds. The Finance Committee actively monitors both income and expenses with the goal of maintaining a sound financial condition.  Committee membership includes a chairperson, the Treasurer, the Membership Clerk, and other interested UUFG members.

Leadership Development Committee
The Leadership Development Committee provides the Fellowship with an ongoing resource for the development of an enlightened lay leadership. They insure continuous opportunities for growth and involvement to all  members, so that candidates for the annual election to the Governing Board, Program Council, and other elected offices, are readily available.

Stewardship Committee
Long-term goals of this committee include looking into questions such as: What does generosity mean to our congregation? And what kind of present and future do we envision?


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