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The President's Perspective -- March 2016

The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

No, I’m not being Chicken Little today. I just wanted to tell you about our roof problems. The roofs on our buildings are the original roofs, 20 years old. Roof life in Florida is less than 20 years, so our roof is currently on life support. We have been patching leaks for some time now, but if we have a major storm during hurricane season this year, we could be looking at substantial damage to our ceilings from additional leaks. If you tour our buildings, you will see places where we have already had leaks onto the ceiling. [Click "Read more..." to continue.]


The Governing Board has decided to replace the roof as soon as possible. We are still clarifying the bids, but we plan to make a final decision on the roofer at a special Board meeting on Sunday, April 3rd, after the service. A new roof will protect our facility even if the sky were to fall, or more likely, sheets of rain and howling winds were to pummel us.

Replacing the roof will cost about $50,000. Thanks to your past generosity our reserve funds have almost enough money, although we may also need a small loan.

If you would like to learn a little more about our roof problems, please come to the Sanctuary at 12:15 on March 20 where Board members will be available to
discuss the issues and show you pictures of the current situation.

In fellowship,

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