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President's Message
The President's Perspective -- May 2018

altEven though UUFG no longer closes during the summer months there is a feeling that we are coasting into a more relaxed time of our Fellowship year. Our Coming of Age class has graduated, committee annual reports have been submitted, and our Annual Congregational Meeting with its changing of the leadership guard is behind us. You can read all about it when the minutes come out, but here is a brief summary.

We are happy to have added Marilyn Kershner to the board as a trustee, and Rose Cole has joined the Leadership Development committee. We thank Tom Bullock, who has completed two terms as Treasurer and is leaving the board. LDC is still working on finding a nominee for the Treasurer position. We affirmed our choices of Share the Plate recipients and voted unanimously to continue as a host church for Family Promise, with the valuable help of Temple Shir Shalom, our support temple. We passed a $296,540 balanced budget that includes a raise for every staff member.

Last but not least, I announced that Debra Neil Marici received the Meritorious Service Award for her behind-the-scenes work as our Communications Team Lead, Webmaster, List serve maintainer and Foundation grant procurer for a new shed and labyrinth repair. Debra and Tom were on a camping/kayaking trip and learned of the award when they got home.

On June 10th we will bid a fond farewell to Rev. Maureen, who is retiring, and her spouse Peter. There will be a reception after the service. Please add your cards and well wishes to the gift box in the Phillips Social Hall next to the kitchen door.

There will be Sunday services and activities throughout the Summer, so do continue to attend. The air conditioning will be on! If you are traveling this summer, stay safe, have fun and we’ll look forward to seeing you again in the fall.

In Fellowship,
Marilyn Roberts
Congregation President

The President's Perspective -- April 2018

Chariot's A-Comin'

Chariot’s A-Comin’, which has often been sung right here in our Sanctuary, has been playing in my head for much of last week. Why? There is good news to share! Our Stewardship drive for the coming year has already received pledges exceeding the amount pledged for our current fiscal year and we are still expecting a few more pledges to come in. This happened even though we have suffered the loss of several of our senior members during this year. To quote Rev. Maureen Killoran “in 32 years of ministry and 15 years of lay leadership I have never seen pledges come in so quickly.” [Click "Read more..." to continue]

The President's Perspective -- September 2017

It will be good to be together again after missing our service on September 10 due to hurricane Irma. I hope all of you and your families weathered the storm safely with your homes intact as well. Some of us are still awaiting electricity. We are relieved that our UUFG buildings were undamaged by Irma. The grounds, however, will require a lot of cleaning up! A small work crew has already begun, and more help is always appreciated. Many of our members helped each other to prepare for and recover from the storm. It is during difficult times that we really appreciate our loving community. [Click "Read more..." to continue]

The President's Perspective -- August 2017

This is the time of year when we gear up for the new Fellowship year. The Board welcomes two new board members, Aaron Broadwell and Richard Curtis. We are grateful for the service of Mary Anthony and Ron Lange who completed their terms on the Board at the end of June. [Click "Read more..." to continue]

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