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President's Message
The President's Perspective -- September 2019


For her September message to the congregation, Kristin Stevens provides a detailed overview of the important events held at the Fellowship for a "Start Up Weekend" -- Friday, September 20 through Sunday, September 22.

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The President's Perspective -- August 2019


At our last meeting, the Governing Board talked a bit about how we meet congregational needs. When we had a Program Council, founding new committees to address congregational areas fell to the representatives. It wasn’t a perfect system, but it did seem to alleviate some of the pressure on the Board to address everything. There is now a gap, and several areas need revisiting and addressing. Pastoral care and congregational communications are two such areas. We also need to re-evaluate and/or re-establish core committees like the Committee on Ministry, a Right Relations Committee, and a Personnel Committee. Additionally, an auction and a pledge team need to be formed and begin working towards successful stewardship efforts. Finally, we have a new settled minister, and we need to have an installation service and members to help plan and execute that. A number of places need attention and time, and it can feel overwhelming when looking at it all at once. [Click "Read more... to continue] 

The President's Perspective -- July 2019

This year, your Board has agreed to commit time to learn together on a monthly basis. Sometimes that “learning together” is a “common read” of a book on governance, leadership, or congregational life/dynamics; sometimes we use a curriculum, etc. With a new minister coming, the learning session will help us deepen our understanding of governance in a religious organization.

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The President's Perspective -- February 2019

This week I shine a light on some of the many soul satisfying things that are happening all around us at UUFG.

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