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Maureen's Musings -- April, 2017

Easters and UUs?

Here it comes again, the perennial bête noire of religious liberals. What DO we do with Easter, a season so thoroughly enmeshed in a single story that many of us no longer find helpful? I’m talking, of course, about the resurrection of Jesus. It is so easy to dismiss the notion of bodily resurrection as an impossibility, reducing Easter to nothing more than a romantic reshaping of pre-Christian celebrations of spring. [Click "Read more..." to continue]


This easy dismissal impoverishes us, says UU theologian G. Peter Fleck. It denies the deeper meanings that layers of myth and story can provide. Easter, he argues, should be seen as a celebration of the renewal of “life within life.” The stories of the Christian Easter remind us that the new is not created out of the old but out of the death of the old. Drawing on the traditions of Passover, Fleck says the season is also a celebration of Exodus, with its lessons of courage and the possibility of change

Do we want to glean what might have meaning for US from the many layers of the Easter story? Having abandoned monolithic understandings of truth, will we choose to open our minds to the deeper gifts that myth and metaphor can bring? The beauty of Unitarian Universalism is that the choice is up to you.

Something to think about in the coming week.

Rev. Maureen

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